Board and Train Options

Although it can be advantageous for you and your dog to learn together we recognize that this is not always possible. Board and Train packages allow your dog to learn all the material in a short amount of time. Private sessions included with each package afford you a chance to learn the commands and how they can be applied in daily life.

Obedience Sessions while boarding:
$35 per half-hour session

If you are currently taking a class and your dog has to miss a session due to boarding or have done training and would like your dog to have a "brush-up" session whilst they are boarding we offer in-kennel single sessions during your dogs stay. These sessions are not for training new materials but for reinforcing behaviours already introduced

10 Day Package : $600

This package provides your dog with ten days of boarding and training. During your dog's visit they will learn the following commands on-leash: loose leash walking, sit, down, and stay. The foundations for the commands heel, come and place will also be introduced on-leash. Includes two one-hour team sessions.

20 Day Package : $1200

Minimum Age of Dogs: six months This package provides your dog with twenty days of boarding and training During your dog's visit they will learn the following commands on-leash: loose leash walking, heel, sit, down, recall (come), stand, and place. The foundations for off-leash heel and come will also be introduced. Includes four one-hour team sessions.

Board & Train Package Team Sessions:
Each Board and Train option includes a number of team sessions. The purpose of these sessions is to allow you time to learn the commands that your pet has been instructed in, proper handling techniques, and have any questions or concerns you may have addressed.
For the best results it is important that you and your pet are communicating clearly and we would like to see you take full advantage of these private sessions. The first shall be scheduled for the day that you pick your pet up and we ask that you plan a full hour for your exit session.
The balance of your private sessions can be scheduled with the trainer but must be utilized within 30 days of a 10 day B&T, 35 days of a 20 day B&T.
A few of our Board & Train clients practicing their exercises. Click on picture to enlarge.
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